5 Steps to Wrinkle-free Skin

Wrinkles are probably the most loathed aspects of aging. Usually, it reveals more than what your real age is, that is why many people are spending a lot of money to stop its tracks the moment it starts to appear. There are numerous medical treatments to wrinkles but not everyone is ready to jump to it. The reason probably is that they are too pricey and not many are willing to go under the knife for fear of post-surgical side effects. There are a handful of risks involved that for some people, it is just not worth it. Surely, there are safer ways on how to deal with wrinkles. Follow this article up until the end to learn the 5 easy steps to wrinkle-free skin.

The First step is to reduce sun exposure. It is advisable that whenever you go outdoors, you should apply sun block cream or sunscreen. The sun’s unforgiving ultraviolet rays can hurt your skin more than you can actually observe with the naked eye. Sun exposure can make your skin look leathery and saggy. Wrinkles and fine lines will also start to appear when you are frequently exposed to the sun. Brown spots will become a more common sight and even dry skin will haunt you. As a precaution, always hydrate yourself and take in more than the standard 8 glasses of water each day. The second step is to quit smoking, there are many health issues attached to this vice. Cigarette smoking deprives your body of vitamin C, which is a key nutrient for a plump and youthful looking skin. If you want to have a fighting chance against wrinkles, you should start disposing your cigarette packs today.

The third step is to abstain from alcohol use. Alcohol is responsible for dilating the blood vessels that run along your skin. These small blood vessels will have increased blood flow, and become permanently damaged in time. You do not want to have broken blood vessels, do you? The fourth step is to have a good night’s sleep. You will be surprised how 8 to 9 hours of sleep can be good to your skin. An indicator that you lack sleep is the most visible part of your body that gives it away — your skin. A tired looking skin makes you look older. To help you have blissful sleep, abstain from caffeine consumption specifically just before you sleep at night. Finally, adopt a topical cream treatment that you can rely on when it comes to fighting wrinkles. A product known as Lifecell wrinkle cream is specially formulated to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in your skin. Many users of lifecell wrinkle cream have testified to the fast acting effect of this product. In fact, a promotional 30-day free trial is offered at their official website.

What makes lifecell wrinkle cream better than the rest? The secret is in the topnotch ingredients used to bring about the results you want when it comes to erasing wrinkles. No single ingredient does the trick; but instead, it is the proprietary blend of these ingredients working together that delivers the wrinkle-fighting effect that people want. You don’t have to spend too much on wrinkle treatment because lifecell wrinkle cream is here to assist you. Give it a try and see for yourself how powerful and effective this solution is.

Goji Berries – Key To Good Health

The super food goji berry has high concentration of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants – courtesy recent research. Some studies are often mentioned in the promotional journals of health food supplement manufacturers to bolster the claims. Also known as wolfberry, this highly sought after subtropical fruit has a slight tangy taste, and belong to the nightshade (Solonaceae) family. No surprise, the demand for goji berry juice is sky scrapping and is expected to touch the billion dollar mark in sales by the year 2011. Highly looked upon as China’s national treasure, goji berry is finally making its way to the West.

Goji berries are principally grown in the northwestern parts of Tibet and China. In fact, goji berries are grown in the wild throughout the temperate regions of China. For ages, traditional Chinese medicine has incorporated the benefits of goji berry juice as an integral part of its therapeutic must haves and is even used in soups, teas and rice meals in China. The small, vibrantly red, and extremely delicate Himalayan goji berries come from the Lycium plant, which is an evergreen bush with tall vines reaching up to 10 to 15 feet. It calls for sunlight and grows best in hot and dry summers. The small, red raisins with a sweet and sour taste contain possibly the highest number of nutrients than any other fruit on the planet has.

The benefits of raw organic goji berries are endless to say the least. These include protection of the liver, better sexual function and higher fertility, improvement in blood circulation and so on. By increasing stamina and giving strength to the legs, goji berry is believed to improve physical performance. It has also proved its merit in the prevention of age-related eyesight deterioration, reduction of cholesterol levels, and relief from menstrual pains. It addresses the healing of hepatitis and cancer. Rich in 18 amino acids and 21 minerals like zinc, copper, iron, germanium, calcium, selenium, and phosphorus, goji berries have the vital elements required for a healthy body. Organically grown goji berries are a great source of carotenoids. The high antioxidant content makes these berries extremely prized. Presence of polysaccharides, which are sugar molecules in goji berry, supports the immune system of the body. Being moderately low in calories and fat content, this fruit also helps in the process of weight loss. Of late it has been found that cancer patients elicited better response when goji was added to their medical course or therapy. Perhaps the anti-oxidants present in this “health food’ helps to prevent cancer cell growth.

After knowing the health benefits of goji berry, the next question that strikes the mind is which type of goji berry is most beneficial. There is no ideal answer to this question, but the two most preferred types include Dried Goji Berry and Goji Berry Juice.

Dried Goji Berries: One of the most versatile forms of goji berries are Organic Dried Goji Berries. They can be consumed directly or can be used in various recipes. The advantage of having them raw is that they do not lose their nutrition value.

Goji Berry Juice: Goji juice is the most popular form of having goji berry. Besides, it is more convenient to have it as juice than consuming dried goji berries. They can be simply crushed in a blender and served by mixing in milk or other dairy products. Thus, it doesn’t stick to the teeth unlike goji fruit.

Though there are several portals on the Web, what gives an edge over others is the availability of genuine goji berry products. The latest on their list of products is the mouth watering chocolate goji clusters.

Best Fitness Food

Fitness is so much more important than most people imagine. Fitness isn’t just about looking good, but about feeling your best and being able to dig in and enjoy life. Diet fitness is probably the most important element to success and being able to reach your personal goals.

The food you eat accounts for up to 80% of your fitness efforts. This truly puts a different spin on the way we should be looking at food and how it applies to our fitness goals. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Garbage In, Garbage Out”, it should be particularly important when it comes to our bodies on a daily basis. It’s impossible to feel your best when you fill your body with food that amounts to nutritional garbage.

Become a food snob! Exercise your right to a healthy and beautiful body by refusing to purchase or eat inferior overly processed food. Demand fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meats at every meal. Aim for as much as 85% of each day’s diet to come from raw, whole, unprocessed food as close to it’s natural state as possible.

By embracing raw, whole and unprocessed foods as the major portion of your daily food intake, you will go a long way in achieving diet fitness and a healthy body.

An exercise diary is the place to document your exercise program and goals. Your goals will determine the type of exercise program you will want to pursue. Starting a new fitness program is quite different than a fit athlete working on marathon training. Both, however, benefit from coming up with a plan for how they will meet their exercise goals. Someone new to exercise will want to start slowly, doing short sessions of cardiovascular training, strength training and stretching. A marathon athlete might spend a great deal of time on improving cardiovascular fitness and endurance, and less on strength and stretching.

There are nutritional supplements available, however, that are indispensable for enhancing muscle-building and fat loss.


How Glutamine works: glutamine is known as a “conditionally essential” amino acid; it becomes “essential” during intense exercise such as weight training or cardiovascular exercise, as the need for glutamine is greatly increased. During bouts of intense activity (or stress), glutamine enters the bloodstream and travels into the liver where it is converted into glucose; this newly synthesized glucose helps to fuel the working muscles. This process is known as gluconeogenesis-the process of turning a non-carbohydrate substance (glutamine and some other amino acids) into glucose which can be used for energy.

2. Branched chain amino acids (BCAAS)

How BCAAs work: Unlike glutamine, BCAAs, consisting of leucine, isoleucine, and valine, are essential amino acids, meaning that the body cannot synthesize them from precursors-they must be obtained from the diet. Like glutamine, there is a greater requirement for BCAAs during intense exercise such as weight training and they are derived primarily from catabolized muscle tissue.

Creatine monohydrate:

How creatine works: Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the primary energy source to fuel intense muscular contractions, such as those during sprinting or weight-training. ATP contains a high-energy phosphate bond, which is broken down into ADP (adenosine monophosphate), releasing the energy necessary for muscles to contract. Every muscle cell has a store of phosphate, from which ADP is recycled back into ATP to continue fueling contractions.

Constipation Supplement

MSM is useful in clearing up constipation. It allows more colon contractions to occur thus helping you clear your constipation. When I have used MSM, up to 6000-8000mg each day, I have experienced up to 3-4 bowel movements each day. As MSM blocks the activity of cholinesterase, it allows more peristaltic action to occur in your colon.

The biggest cause of constipation is a lack of fiber in the diet. That combined with eating high-fat foods, not getting enough exercise and dehydration from not drinking enough water all contribute to lack of movement in your bowels. So if you really want to get things moving again you’ll need to take some action.

For people experiencing mild constipation, it is better for them to try mineral oils or even the milk of magnesia for them to cure this condition. They can also try the bitter liquid derived from aloe vera, this can be a very powerful laxative if ingested, but this is also not good for long-term use because it can cause a person to have severe and painful cramping. In addition, you should first consult with a healthcare professional before you take any form of medication whether it is herbal or not.

For instance, gluten is recognized as one of the leading causes of constipation in IBS sufferers. Therefore, a gluten-free diet may help alleviate symptoms. In order to eliminate gluten from your diet ensure you read food labels to see if gluten is among listed ingredients. However, keep in mind that gluten-free foods tend to be low in fiber. Therefore, you may require other sources of fiber such as eating more fruits and vegetables.

Flax seed is a very compact fiber that is very effective. The term fiber when used in terms of digestion suggests that the substance is not digested or broken down as it moves through the intestinal tract. Because it is not broken down the flax seed or other fibers make the stool bulkier and easier for the body to move by the action of peristalsis. With the bulky stool and an adequate fluid intake the person is able to eliminate wastes through the bowels more efficiently and constipation is prevented. Without adequate fiber intake of such items as flax seed the stool is smaller and clumpy making more difficult to move through the intestines.

One of the most common causes of constipation is a lack of dietary fiber. There are two types of fiber, both of which are invaluable to the digestive process. Soluble fiber acts as the “binder,” as it dissolves in water and forms the stool into a soft, gel-like substance which is easy to pass. Insoluble fiber, on the other hand, has a rough texture and does not dissolve in water.

Breast milk is a natural laxative; however a breastfed infant may become constipated due to the introduction of foods or formula. Formula in particular is constipating. If you have recently started giving your baby formula, this may be the reason for the constipation. The single best remedy is simply more breast milk.

Water is the best health drinks and is beneficial not only for constipation but also for cleaning the system diluting the blood and washing out the poisons in our body. It is highly recommended six to eight glasses of water to be taken daily. This helps facilitate digesting and dissolving food nutrients so that they can be absorbed and utilized by the body.

How to Know If You’re Getting the Best Used Exercise Equipment

There are several kinds of used exercise equipment. Cheap and bargain basement, one is just moderately used and is probably still in pretty good condition.

The other can still be in good condition, but many times there may be something wrong with the equipment that makes it so cheap, and the seller is just looking to unload a problematic machine or set.

The best way to get the best used exercise equipment is to buy from someone you know or a reputable exercise equipment dealer that has credibility in the marketplace.

Make sure the if you opt for the individual that they are willing to demonstrate to you that the equipment is indeed good. If they are not willing to stake their reputation on it then they do not have much confidence in their product and should be regarded suspiciously.

Remember when you buy used exercise equipment from an individual you really have no way of knowing if they’re credible or not. If you buy something from them that turns out to be a lemon then you can’t hurt their reputation because they have no reputation.

For this reason you may want to deal with people who have something to lose if the don’t provide you with the best quality. For instance, if you are dealing with an online or offline company then you can see how reputable they are and if they provide quality used fitness equipment.

If they are on an auction site then you can check their past feedback to see what other buyers have to say about them to help build a little confidence. In any case the seller has a reputation on the line that they will want to protect and it is in their best interest to make sure that you the customer walk away happy.

If someone is selling something too cheap then be sure to ask if there is a reason why they are willing to unload it for so little money. Ask them to tell you the truth. If they tell you something is wrong with it and you do not want to deal with it then you have the option of not buying.

If you want to fix it yourself then go ahead and buy it. If the seller insists that there is nothing wrong with the used exercise equipment but is willing to sell it dirt cheap then the worst that can happen is that you can be out of a little money.

But you still want to make sure that the equipment is safe to use, you do not want to hurt yourself using bad gym equipment.

At the end of the day you really shouldn’t have to worry about buying used exercise equipment. All in all you will be getting a good product. Most people are just not committed enough to keep using the exercise equipment, something comes up that causes them to stop working out.

So you can take advantage of their laziness and scoop up this equipment for a good price. But for people who are in the business of selling used exercise equipment, always be sure to see if they offer quality equipment, not just old stuff that will be of no use to anyone.

Save thousand of dollars today by looking into getting used commercial exercise equipment because if you are serious about your fitness this will be an investment to last many many years.

What Makes Acai a Scam? Acai and Free Trial Offers Explained

Many sites selling acai berry supplements are offering free trials, which has many people asking, “Is acai a scam?” The answer is more complicated than yes or no. Acai berry itself is a very nutritious super fruit with a great deal of potential as a health supplement. But its popularity means there are a good number of companies looking to make a quick buck, even if that means scamming you out of your hard-earned money. But if you know what to look for, you can help protect yourself from these scammers.

What is the offer?

If the company proclaims to offer a free sample, you can be almost assured you are in for a scam. First of all, no company can afford to give away $100 worth of free acai berry supplement to everyone who wants to try it. There are always strings attached. And just think, what if no one ends up signing up for a long term order? Wouldn’t that set a company back by hundreds of thousands of dollars if they were really giving away the real thing? Remember that they’d have to think about what they stand to gain also. The bottom line is giving away a product like the acai supplement simply isn’t possible.

What Do They Actually Send Me?

In most cases, individuals who avail of the free trial offers get just what they promise in the ad, usually a bottle of acai supplements good for a few weeks. But don’t be fooled by whatever supposed price they put on the giveaway though. It would be so easy for them to value a free sample bottle at $50 for instance, and then give you one that’s only worth half that.

Rather than a quality supplement, they are shipping you a dried out and nutritionally empty product. They are looking to do several things with this gift. First, they want you to think they are trustworthy. They want you to think that you really did get a free $50 gift of this amazing supplement. They sent you free acai berry, they are clearly trying to win you over. The acai berry scam artists also want you to think you are having some benefit from this product. Since you now think they are trustworthy, you’re more likely to experience a placebo effect and actually think the supplement has done something.

So where is the acai scam?

Unfortunately, this is where many people learn about the scam the hard way. If they do not sign up for the product, they may still end up paying for it. Many people receive bills in the hundreds of dollars from the acai berry scam. How does this happen?

As we know, it all starts harmlessly enough. You come across a free trial offer and register for it. To receive your free sample, you’d need to enter your credit card details supposedly for shipping charges. The problem lies when you don’t read the fine print – usually found at the bottom of the last page. It typically says there that if you do not cancel your free subscription within a certain number of days, the company has the right to send you a regular supply of the acai supplements and bill you accordingly. Imagine how shocked you are going to be when you receive your credit card bill and find not the $5 shipping charges you expected but a bill close to a hundred dollars!

How do they get away with making acai a scam?

These unscrupulous companies are able to perpetrate their fraudulent practices because of the many deceived customers, only few really go out of their way to demand their money back or make a formal complaint about these businesses. Most just chalk it up to a lesson learned the hard way and a hundred dollars down the drain. And all they ever wanted was a free sample of acai. But now you know the truth. Free acai is nothing but a bait to lure people to part with their hard-earned money for a bottleful of junk.

Free acai berry offers may be the easiest way to tell if a company is a scam, but they are not the only way. You have to be careful as scam artists can be very clever in their attempts to get into your wallet. For those asking is acai a scam, your best option is to simply stick with the well-known companies and reduce your risk to start.

Natural Raw Beauty Products PT1

Natural Raw Beauty Products PT1
The market for natural and organic cosmetics has exploded in recent years, has been helped by the rising ranks of “green” consumers who are ready to pay a premium for environmentally friendly goods. Or, at least, goods that they perceive to be environmentally friendly: growth in this niche market has been driven by consumer concerns “over the perceived harmful effects of man-made chemicals rather than a desire to support the organic farming industry.

Green Consumer are customers that buy products with little or no packaging, products made from natural ingredients and products that are made without causing pollution which are all examples of eco, environmentally -friendly products!

In essence green products are bio grade, recyclable and compostable which does not harm the environment or pollute the atmosphere.
Eco friendly products can also be made from recycled materials, which also help reduce the use of raw materials which will reduce the levels of waste induced when dumping in landfills and the use of incinerators
With this urgency of changing lifestyle and the way we use food and cosmetics; Consumers are haphazardly changing their buying habits with cosmetics.

Changing to organic cosmetic products, which in itself is fantastic to know that contribution to the environment of saving and using products that are less demanding to our resources is good. But so many people are not researching enough into an un-tested arena of products relatively new to the market, in some cases untested. This makes the need even more important for people to be extra vigilant in choosing products and to read and know what they are buying into.

With the emphasis on “green living” became an increasingly hot issue, makers of products are pushing natural and ethical claims as a way to differentiate their goods say Cosmetics design Europe
Cosmetics Design Europe is a leading and highest read European news website in the cosmetics industry that publishes daily online news for cosmetics manufacturing companies on a free-access basis.

They are a team led by award-winning journalists that use their extensive network of industry sources on a daily basis to produce current news into the business of cosmetics manufacturers and their claims of the latest raw materials in the beauty manufacturing Industry!
Green living is the effect of attempting to live in an eco-friendly and an environmentally responsible way by trying to reduce your “carbon foot print”
This happens on many levels of the way we handle consumerism, the type of motor vehicle we drive, the reduce the amount of water we use, switching all unused electricity in the home, leaving electrical items on standby still burns current, shopping with eco-friendly shopping bags and so much more!

Large retailers, like Wal-Mart Stores in the United States, or Tesco in Britain, have all started their own lines branded as natural and organic, competing with established cosmetic brands like Estée Lauder and Kiehl’s and Body Shop. Consumers can buy almost any toiletry in an organic form, from body scrub and face cleanser to lip balm and shampoo.

Yet the labeling of “organic and natural” cosmetics is virtually unregulated by governments, leaving consumers to rely on industry self-regulation. Some companies have adopted private certification rules developed by groups like the French organic certifier Ecocert, the Soil Association in Britain and the recently established Oasis, or Organic and Sustainable Industry Standards, in the United States.

So what you have is a confusing worldwide separate body governing their own country, but globally everyone is confused as to what consensus agreement to have as regards to an agreed formula for what constitutes as Organic in the industry.

Made from organic means no hydrogenation, sulfation or synthetic preservation of ingredients are allowed, nor are any petrochemicals allowed, and 70 percent organic content is required. Now to a lot of people that is not what they are looking for, when it comes to information. Consumers want to know what is bad for them and to know how do I know the product I am looking at is genuine organic?

There is a growing concern that inadequate regulation of the personal care industry “is going to destroy consumer confidence in the integrity of the organic program, which is essentially a ‘truth in advertising’ labeling program.”

Is Resveratrol a Miracle Supplement or Fraud?

Resveratrol has been in the media, in the News. Celebrities have been talking about Resveratrol, and how to loose weight with Ultra Resveratrol. Other like Babara Walters and Doctor Sinclair has been talking about Resveratrol and the Anti Aging effect. What is this all about? Is Resveratrol really that beneficial as you hear in the News? Or is Resveratrol just another Scam, just for you to take out your money of the pocket!

To understand this hype about Resveratrol, we have to go back to the beginning of the nineties. Back to France in Europe and what is called “The French Paradox”. A BBC News Team did a story. Where they was wondering why the French, was amongst the people with the lowest rates of heart diseases in the world? Much lower than Americans and other Europeans countries, despite their Choices of food, which contains three times as much saturated fat, compared to an average American diet. A typical French diet would consist of heavy sauces, Foie Gras and fatty cheeses, to name a few.

The News Team went to Lyon, in France and asked a group of doctors, their point of view on the matter: Why French was amongst the people with the lowest rate of heart Diseases in the world? Conclusion: The Good French Wine, best in the World. Since then it has been known, that it is good for you to have a glass of vine now and then. Even when you are on a diet! A lot of professional athletes drinks a glass wine every day, and claims it helps them to achieve their goals. Scientist found out the single one component in vine that made it good for us. And that was Resveratrol. The Only problem with vine is that it contains Alcohol, which in the long run is not good for us.

So at the same time you get the benefits from Resveratrol, which is located just under the skin of the grapes. You get the bad benefits from the alcohol.

For the last two decades scientists have researched in Pure Resveratrol and have found out that Resveratrol does not only occur in Red Grapes Extract but also occur in Japanese knotweed and other plants. Furthermore Scientist have found out how to Chemical Synthesize Resveratrol, so it gets much more effective in Resveratrol Supplements than it is in Red Grapes. Said in a different way, you need a smaller dose of Resveratrol supplements to make it effective, compared to if you got your Resveratrol only from Vine.

The last decades there has been a lot of research on Resveratrol, As an Anti Aging drug, with the Research of Dr. Sinclair, Resveratrol and Cancer Prevention, how Resveratrol interact with Diabetes and finally Weight Loss.

Of course Science is a complex Subject. Science is not that black and white, as we may think and wanted it to be. Not all lab tests have proclaimed Resveratrol as the Magic Pill. But in General, the feed back from The World of Science has been very positive Regards taking Resveratrol as a Supplement, the same way as you take your daily multi vitamin.
Resveratrol will help you, being healthy, help you preventing cancer, and lower the amount of diseases that in general cause your body to age. But to get the full benefit, you have to do your part as well. Eating Healthy, Do Exercise etc.

The History behind Pure Inventions

Pure Inventions was founded by lifelong friends Lynne Gerhards and Lori Mulligan. Both whom were Certified Clinical Nutritionists and Nutritional Consultants. It was founded in 2003 and this product has a history that parallels the growth of nutritional awareness in the United States and across the world. Lori and Lynne started their practice of clinical counseling in nutrition and soon became very aware of the increasing need for health alternative beverage choices.

The two women used a combination of their knowledge of nutrition with the science of liquid supplement to help create their line. Their main goal in developing Pure Inventions was to achieve the wellness in a person. They wanted to make sure it was easy, convenient and would incorporate into someone’s hectic lifestyle. They wanted to create Pure Inventions not only have people feel good about their bodies, but also their mind and soul. These two women wanted to make something that would serve as a great tasting product, yet have no calories or artificial sweeteners as well.

The product lines Green Tea Extracts, Antioxidant Cocoa and Antioxidant Fruit Extracts in the collection are delicious tasting, natural and fully standardized. They have absolutely no calories, no caffeine, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives or alcohol and are gluten-free. Pure Inventions is a great size and gives just the right amount of serving for that size. (60 servings in a 2 ounce glass bottle) The product is eco-friendly and convenient, all you do is add the drops to your favorite water for high antioxidant hydration.

Pure Inventions products are here to help supply our bodies with the proper amount of nutrients. You can never be too sure to have enough. If you give your bodies enough diet and exercise, you can achieve the right amount of balance in your bodies and lives.

Some of the popular products that are offered are:

*Green Tea- Raspberry, Original, Peach, Pineapple Coconut, Tropical and Vanilla: This may help support the immune system, promote a healthy metabolism and promote increased energy. It may also promote cardiovascular health, healthy skin, healthy cholesterol and good dental health while supporting a balanced blood sugar.

*Fruit Extract-Blueberry with White Tea: Uses two forms of blueberry (Whole fruit and juice). White Tea contains the highest amount of antioxidants of all tea varieties. The blueberries have been proven to help preserve vision and boost brain function.

*Fruit Extract-Cranberry with Elderberry: It contains the whole cranberry, including the skin, natural fiber and seeds! Cranberries are known to be a powerful antioxidant.
Studies show that consuming cranberries may support urinary tract health, the digestive system, kidney health, and may help promote a healthy LDL cholesterol. Elderberries are potent sources of anthocyanins and may help boost immunity, reduce stress and promote cardiovascular health.

*Fruit Extract-Pomegranate with Acai Berry: Pomegranates are extremely high in antioxidants and science suggests that free-radicals may be linked to disease. Antioxidants rich foods such as pomegranates fight free radical damage Acai Berries are known as “the energy fruit” and come from a palm tree in the Amazon. Studies show that acai (pronounced Ah-sah-EE) is one of the most powerful and nutritious foods in the world and are full of antioxidants. Grape pomace has been added to this fabulous formula. Pomace contains a compound called resveratrol, a nutrient-rich, super age-defying grape skin protein.

Pure Cocoa Collection:

*Antioxidant Cocoa-Chocolate Cocoa, Mint Cocoa and Vanilla Cocoa: Delicious Chocolate Cocoa is sugar-free, artificial sweetener-free, caffeine-free, calorie-free and dairy free! Pure Cocoa Antioxidants contain potent amounts of chocolate antioxidants, including the flavonols and polyphenols associated with optimal cardiovascular health. Recent studies show that pure cocoa may help promote healthy skin structure and improve skin density.

Nutritional Supplements:

*Co-enzyme Q-10 Plus: is a powerful anti-aging antioxidant which may support collagen production and skin elasticity by fighting the free radicals that cause premature aging.

*Healthy Liver: It helps support a healthy liver which is an essential process for good health and well-being.

*Fit and Slender: It is used as a liquid dietary supplement, designed to help you with healthy weight management. It can be used up to three times daily. Optimal results can be achieved when combined with healthy eating and exercise. Consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise program.

Pure Inventions truly helps change peoples lives. They are all natural and have no stimulant side effects. They also taste amazing and are wonderful for you. This product will satisfy a customer no matter which one they decide to use. Now, you can get something that helps you not only feel clean and energized, but that also tastes great and has no calories!

Simply Supplements Expand Their Range Of Top Quality Supplements

In their latest move to boost their rapid growth in market share within the UK vitamins, minerals and supplements market, Simply Supplements are proud to launch even more revolutionary supplements to their comprehensive range, and this time their focus has been on natural sources of essential fatty acids (EFAs).

The launch of these uniquely combined supplements coincides with “a recent increase in people experiencing everyday complaints ranging from tiredness and headaches to dry skin and depression, which is thought may be a result of Government health advice on reducing fat consumption being taken a step too far” explained Judith Shaw, Head of Nutrition at Simply Supplements.

Judith went on to highlight the importance of essential fatty acids within the diet, something which is often overlooked: “Whilst saturated fats have been linked to health risks such as high cholesterol and heart disease, there are a number of other kinds of fat, also known as ‘good fats’, that are believed to play a key role in maintaining general health. It is extremely important that these are not cut from the diet completely. The fats that we should be most interested in are essential fatty acids, as these are the most beneficial to our bodies and our health. However, like many vitamins and minerals, the body does not produce essential fatty acids and therefore they must be present within our diet through the food we eat or supplements, in order to benefit from them. Omega 3 and omega 6 are two of the most renowned groups of fatty acids which are commonly found in oily fish, and our new products have been specifically designed to provide healthy amounts of these ‘good fats’ within the diet.”

In light of the new product launches, Judith also emphasised: “At Simply Supplements we are dedicated to providing our valued customers with a highly desirable and comprehensive range of technically advanced nutritional supplements. The expertise of our specialist team of nutritionists, who ensure quality and consistency at each stage of our new product development process, has lead to our unrivalled stance at the forefront of the UK vitamins, minerals and supplements industry. Our latest phase of product launches not only strengthens our existing range but ultimately helps to address the current issue of a noticeable lack of essential fatty acids within the diets of thousands of people.

With regards to Simply Supplements new and exclusive ‘EFA Plus’ supplement, Judith said: “This unique formulation exclusively combines Evening Primrose Oil with Cod Liver Oil to provide a high strength combination of essential fatty acids (EFAs) that can be found in both plant and fish oils. EFA Plus incorporates impressive amounts of these two powerful and hugely popular oils into one daily capsule, offering a convenient way of achieving the benefits of essential fatty acids without eating large amounts of oil-rich foods such as fish. In a similar way, our high quality Salmon Oil offers a concentrated natural source of omega 3 fatty acids, with salmon being one of the most highly concentrated sources of omega 3 macro-nutrients. We have also combined two of our most popular supplements, Cod Liver Oil and Multivitamins, into one easy and convenient daily capsule, offering a comprehensive supplement which is packed full of essential nutrients that are often missed out in modern diets.”

In conclusion, Judith highlighted: “Nutrition is the key to good health and although supplements should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle and not as a substitute, it is our aim to offer natural and convenient ways of helping to ensure that the body gets all the vital nutrients it needs.”